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Five Reasons to do the Virtual Wellness Retreat

Here are five reasons why you should do the Virtual Wellness Retreat, led by transitional life coach Jennifer Solis and certified yoga instructor Emily Grass.

The Virtual Wellness Retreat is delivered via email as a downloadable PDF, and you will be given support through a VIP Facebook group and via email. The price is just $30. Purchase now by clicking HERE; do at your own pace.

1. Yoga and Meditation

Your virtual wellness retreat will include professional yoga and meditation exercises to lead you through a day of wellness and mindfulness. Through written text and engaging videos, beginners to yoga and meditation, as well as seasoned pros, will find peaceful exercise and relaxation throughout the day.

2. Life Coaching

Working on your mind can seem intimidating. Luckily, our virtual retreat offers three exercises that make self-reflection and personal growth both effortless and attainable. Our participants also agree that the exercises are fun, too! Exercises are conducted through interactive videos and corresponding worksheets.

3. Inspiring Recipes

We’re creatures of habit. Breaking away from our comfort foods and go-to easy recipes can take a lot of energy. This virtual retreat will make that a thought of the past. We offer two different recipe menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We’ve also included shopping lists to make it as easy as possible to try some new, nourishing recipes that are good for the body and soul.

4. New Ideas for Self-Care and Free Time

We can all use a little inspiration to do something that makes us feel good. Not only will the virtual retreat help you examine your current self-care practices, but it will open your mind to other positive activities you can do with your free time. Plus, the retreat allows you to make this space for yourself to enjoy your free time. Take care of the needs that you may have been neglecting, while also doing the things you already love to do.

5. New Experience

Give yourself a new perspective. Whether it is one of the retreat’s meditations, life coaching exercises, the guided journaling, or treating yourself to the tasty recipes, get ready to ­approach the day with a different mindset. This virtual retreat will guide you through a beautiful day that makes the monotony of life fade away.

To find out more, read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or email To book the retreat in less than one minute, visit

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