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Answering Your Question: Why Life Coaching?

As a Certified Professional Coach, I am often asked by people, “What do you do for a living?” I tell them that I’m a life coach. Many times people reply with another question, “What does that mean?”

Life coaching can yield varying results depending on the person who is experiencing the coaching. At Growing Forward, we offer coaching in the forms of one-on-one coaching packages, as well as group workshops.

Growing Forward’s next workshop is happening next Wednesday, March 21. The workshop is entitled Gaining Clarity on Your Roadblocks. I have found that sometimes the best way to explain the benefits attendees receive is by letting previous attendees explain their experiences in their own words. Here is a testimonial from an attendee of Growing Forward’s last Clarity Workshop:

“Transitional life coach, Jennifer Solis asks the right questions and skillfully guides you to a place where inspired change can happen. Through taking her, ‘Gaining Clarity on Your Roadblocks’ workshop, I was able to identify and release old belief patterns that no longer served any useful purpose. Jennifer has the tools to help you give shape to your personal/professional goals as well as the ability to construct a plan that will get you there. She is deeply caring, attentive and operates intelligently from a place of complete and total integrity.”

– Nina

Discover what inner and outer blocks are affecting what you want, as well as what is draining your energy. This workshop will help you realize how powerful your thoughts and words are and how they affect your life. Gain tools on how to use this power to create the outcomes you want.

The next Gaining Clarity on Your Roadblocks Workshop is happening on Wednesday, March 21 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please contact us today to secure your spot, and get ready to Grow Forward with Jennifer Solis.

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