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Virtual Wellness Retreat FAQ

wellness retreat

Need a break from the mundane? Growing Forward has partnered with Emily Grass Yoga to offer a Virtual Wellness Retreat. To find out more about the retreat, refer to the answers for our frequently answered questions (FAQ) below.

Q. How do you access the feeling of getting away?

A. By setting up your space and letting anyone you live with know that you will be taking this time for you. If you are only able to get free time for a couple of hours, this can be completed over multiple days. Choosing lighting, music, and scents will put you in the right mindset.

Q. Do we have permanent access?

A. Yes, you can complete this at any time and will get a PDF download that is yours for life. Do it again whenever you want.

Q. Can I touch base with you guys?

A. Absolutely, you can reach both of us through email. At or

Q. What if I have questions on recipes?

A. Feel free to email us!

Q. Are there any additional perks?

A. Yes, this purchase gets you into a permanent Facebook community where we will provide additional support and be able to discuss your experience with your hosts and others who have participated in the retreat.

Also, virtual retreat participants will be given the opportunity to purchase a la carte one-on-one yoga or coaching sessions for a special discounted price.

Q. How can I benefit from this?

A. You will be given an opportunity to escape the mundane confines of your home and/or work life, as you are guided through healthful wellness activities and exercises while also eating yummy meals throughout the day.

Q. What does the schedule look like?

A. Preview the virtual retreat’s full day schedule by clicking here.

Q. Who will be my accountability partner?

A. Jennifer and Emily. We will offer follow up email support and support you through our private Facebook group! We also suggest telling a friend, so they can support you as well!

Q. How much does it cost? And how do I purchase this virtual retreat?

A. The cost of the virtual retreat is just $30. Those who purchase it during the first week will receive a special price of just $20. Price available until April 29, 2020. You can purchase the retreat by visiting

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