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Answering Your Questions About Growing Forward's Retreats

So, you're interested in attending one of Growing Forward's Women's Wellness Retreats, but like many other attendees, you have some questions . . . What actually goes on at these retreats? How much does it cost? What will we be doing? What's for lunch? We've compiled all the frequently asked questions that we get about our retreats and decided to answer them all here for you.

Once all your questions have been answered, we're sure you'll be ready to secure your spot for an upcoming Women's Wellness Retreat. The next available Women's Wellness Retreat is happening Fri., Jan. 24 through Sat., Jan. 26. We still have spots available for shared rooms.

1. What happens at Women's Wellness Retreats?

Growing Forward's retreats are a weekend of overall wellness, relaxation, coaching and activities. When guests arrive, they are greeted with a glass of champagne and shown to their room. Guests can choose to book a shared room or a private room. Upon arrival, attendees will find a basket on their bed full of treats and goodies, to help make their weekends all the more special.

From there, attendees will have the chance to participate in various activities like yoga, meditation, group workshops, a one-on-one coaching session, free time, trust exercises, meals and a glass of wine to end each evening. Get ready to make new friends and improve your quality of life, both at the retreat and once you return home.

2. How much participation is required?

Attendees are encouraged to participate in all the activities. The level of participation and discussion varies with each person. However, we have noticed that even people who anticipate that they are going to be shy end up opening up and participating more than they originally expected. Our retreats are safe environments that are free from judgment, and we've found that attendees participate with comfort and ease.

3. What is the food like?

The food is homemade and plentiful. There is a good balance of healthy food and comfort food options. Before attending the retreat, Jennifer will send questionnaires to each attendee to make sure any dietary restrictions and preferences are accommodated. Menus are coordinated in advance, so if you're curious about exactly what will be served, just let us know!

4. What can we expect to get out of the retreat?

So far, every participant has walked away from the Women's Wellness Retreats having learned and grown in some way. Participants have reported feeling more motivated, clear headed, relaxed, healthy and refreshed. Other participants have reported that they have major breakthroughs in their personal or professional lives.

5. How much does it cost?

To attend a Women's Wellness Retreat, the cost is $600 for a shared room or $800 for a private room. The weekends are all-inclusive, so you won't be paying additionally for food and lodging for the duration of the retreat. Attendees who are concerned about the cost are able to make payments in the weeks/months leading up to the retreat.

6. How can I secure my spot?

It's easy! Contact Jennifer Solis today to secure your spot for an upcoming Women's Wellness Retreat. There is still availability for the retreat in Temecula, California happening Fri., Jan. 24 through Sat., Jan. 26.

We look forward to growing with you at one of Growing Forward's upcoming Women's Wellness Retreats.

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