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Relieve and Prevent Stress with Meditation

Let’s face it—stress can sometimes feel like a normal, yet unwelcome, part of our everyday lives. Sometimes it’s much harder to manage stress once we’ve felt completely weighed down by it. There are many different ways you can approach your stress management strategy, one in which provides both stress relief and stress prevention.

At Growing Forward, we share various meditations you can practice as a form of self-care. Today, we are going to look at meditation as a way to decompress from the stress you face on a daily basis. Try this meditation video below.

As a Certified Professional Life Coach, I understand that everyone needs their own unique approach to preventing and relieving stress in their daily lives. Call me today to schedule your free 20-minute consultation, and let’s discover how we can work together to reduce your stress.

Meditation Tips for Beginners:

1. Dedicate a meditation spot in your house that is comfortable and quiet.

2. You can sit comfortably with your hands in your lap, or if you prefer to lounge or lay flat on your back, those positions will also work.

3. Close your eyes, and focus solely on breathing deeply, in and out.

4. Try to clear your mind. As thoughts come into your mind, observe them like a cloud, and then push them away.

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