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Gaining Clarity Workshop Testimonials

Life Coaching

Do you want to gain clarity on what is holding you back? If so, then you would benefit from Growing Forward's next Gaining Clarity on Your Roadblocks Workshop. Read testimonials from real people who just attended Growing Forward's latest Clarity Workshop.

"I came to my realization that I needed to find my self worth. Jennifer helps you realize how strong you are through encouraging words and reflection. She is a warm smile and her class allows you to understand that you and life have a purpose. I highly recommend her and the course!" - Leslie

"I decided to come for moral support for my friend. I quickly realized that this workshop helped me. I really liked all of the activities. It brought a different perspective to my life and opened my eyes to a lot of things I refused to pay attention to or I pushed off the the side. The activity where we say "I am" (what you think of yourself) really hit home. It was a comfortable environment, and I love that I could be myself. I loved being able to express myself and being heard. I had an amazing time. Thank you." - Olivia

"Very fun environment. Made it easy to be vulnerable and open. Advice never seemed harsh or invasive. It felt very comfortable, and I learned a lot." - James

"I came to gain some clarity and get some direction to use in my life. The workshop was great! I'm so ready to take on the world! Thank you Jen! Amazing group of people!" - Paige

"Jen has one of the biggest hearts I've ever come in contact with. Her ability to make you feel safe and heard, matched with solidarity and humor make her workshops a perfect space for healing and growing. I left feeling empowered and inspired, knowing I'm not alone in my experiences and that I have a choice to improve my life's path and purpose." - Amanda

"I appreciated the vulnerability of Jennifer and all of the participants. I feel like I was able to figure out what my next step is with my career and my personal laugh. I laughed, cried and connected with others. Thank you!" - Ashley

All workshops are led by Jennifer Solis, who is a Certified Professional Coach and an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. Learn more about Jennifer here.

Contact us today to book secure your spot at one of the upcoming workshops on clarity.

Gaining Clarity on Your Roadblocks Workshop ($200/person)

Discover what inner and outer blocks are affecting what you want, as well as what is draining your energy. This workshop will help you realize how powerful your thoughts and words are and how they affect your life. Gain tools on how to use this power to create the outcomes you want.

Sunday, February 11 & Friday, March 2

9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Are you interested in finding out about Growing Forward's other Workshops on Energy and Goals? If so, visit this page.

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