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Introducing the 10-Minute Morning Meditation

Meditation is a tool that helps us realize we are capable of accomplishing anything. It helps us relax, center ourselves and let go of unnecessary feelings or thoughts that might otherwise overwhelm our busy minds.

Every Wednesday at Growing Forward, we share meditations that we personally recommend for you to try. However, for those who haven’t meditated before, it might be intimidating to try meditation for the first time. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick guide about meditation for beginners.

  1. Turn off your cell phone, television and any other possible distractions.

  2. Get comfy! Whether you decide to sit or lie down in the most comfortable way possible, be sure that your body is not feeling any discomfort that is within your realm of control. If you’d like to incorporate pillows, or even snuggle under the covers of your bed, any comfortable place will work for meditation.

  3. Begin to breathe deeply, but not abnormally, and close your eyes.

  4. Clear your mind of any thoughts. For some, focusing on their breath and how long each inhale and exhale takes is helpful. For others, guided meditations like the video below will help you drown out unnecessary thoughts about what you need to do and how you are feeling.

How do you prepare for meditation? Feel free to share your tips with our readers below.

For those of who you would like to try out a guided meditation, this one below is free and will help you kick start meditating with as little as a 10-minute commitment. This 10 Minute Morning Meditation will help you start your day with a healthy dose of gratitude and positivity.

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