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Self-Care Friday: Love Yourself First

I was talking with a young woman who, like all of us, has been through her share of struggles. She shared with me the creative way she was able to get out of a toxic relationship, once and for all.

The young woman decided to buy herself a bracelet. She decided the bracelet would be symbol of self-love. The bracelet reminded the young woman to love herself, because that was the type of love she could always rely on having. This simple story reminds us that sometimes self-care can be as easy as taking the time to say, “I love me, I love who I am, and I am enough.”

Having a symbol to remind ourselves to practice self-love and to remember positive affirmations can be one of the most useful tools toward self-care and moving forward.

If you’ve recently gotten out of a relationship and are struggling to grow, Contact Me today to schedule your free phone consultation. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge, and see what life coaching can do for your future!


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